Plumbing Thermography

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Thermographic Plumbing Surveys

Plumbing thermography pinpoints leaks and faults in pipe fixtures and boilers. Whether it’s underfloor heating or water pipes behind walls, our thermal imaging scans will locate the source of a leak, or other abnormalities, with meticulous accuracy.

A thermographic plumbing survey does not detect moisture in systems; instead our equipment detects any anomalies in pipe temperatures, allowing us to highlight leaks and other irregular events within the plumbing system.

Hotspot Thermography's plumbing survey is far more accurate than analysing moisture levels alone. Leaked water travels in a direction of least resistance – you won’t always find the source of a problem where you find water. However, our cameras can zone in on the exact area of water loss and disruption.

Water leaks can be costly for utility bills on top of being detrimental to building foundations and should be repaired quickly. Having a thermography report to hand when plumbers repair any faults can save time, money and a lot of hassle.

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How does a thermographic plumbing survey from Hotspot Thermography work?

A thermographic plumbing survey allows us accurately track and trace the temperature of pipes and plumbing.

It isn't necessary for all pipes to be completely exposed - we can track heat through ceilings and walls, and pinpoint any temperature irregularities.

Once the survey is complete, we analyse the data, highlighting any areas of concern and advising on what action to take.

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