Medical Thermography

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Medical Thermal Imaging

Medical thermography is a safe and radiation-free method of diagnosing physiological abnormalities in the human body. Thermal imaging cameras are commonly used in clinical settings to identify issues like cancers, tumours, and muscle tissue damage.

We use high quality infrared cameras that can detect a wide range of injuries and conditions, making medical thermography an efficient tool for both general check-ups and specific diagnoses. The precision in which thermal images represent body temperatures makes thermography capable of identifying some strains and conditions before even the patient displays any telltale symptoms.

Hotspot Thermography’s cameras are not only good for diagnosing but also tracking recovery progress. The infrared technology measures heat variations, whilst identifying any abnormalities, for example straining or tearing muscle tissue will release a chemicals that increases its temperature. As a patient heals, thermal scans would show a decreased distinction between healthy and problematic areas of the body.

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How does medical thermal imaging from Hotspot Thermography work?

Medical thermal imaging is one of the quickest and easiest ways to analyse illnesses and injuries.

We take a scan of the entire body, from multiple angles, to guarantee that we get 100% coverage and the most accurate data possible. We will also pay special attention to any known problem areas.

Once scanned, we then analyse images for any irregular temperature readings or variations.

A full report is then compiled, including any vital temperature readings. Due to the nature of medical thermal imaging, it is recommended regular rescans are carried out, in order to track recovery progress.

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