Mechanical Thermography

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Mechanical Thermography Surveys

Mechanical thermography identifies immediate and potential issues with mechanical components, such as motors, valves and bearings. These pieces of hardware can fail due to overheating, usually caused by excessive friction, as well as general wear and tear.

Operating mechanical equipment above its recommended running temperature will cause it to fail much quicker. Running most traditional motors just 10°C above design temperatures can cut its lifetime in half.

When a mechanical system fails it must be withdrawn from use, halting production without guarantee of solving the issue.

A mechanical thermographic survey can detect impending malfunctions whilst machinery is still in operation. Issues can be diagnosed months before a component fails, allowing time to fix faulty parts before they bring the entire system down.

It is recommended to carry out a mechanical thermographic survey annually to assist with regular maintenance efforts.

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How does a mechanical thermography survey from Hotspot Thermography work?

Mechanical thermal imaging inspections are great for analysing the health of a mechanical system as a whole, as well as checking the health of its individual components.

Because we want to analyse operational temperatures, it's important to make sure all systems are up and running for when our engineer arrives.

We then scan any machinery and components as is - usually, no further preparation or additional measures are needed.

The resulting heat generated images are then analysed and compiled into a report, providing you with critical information about your machinery.

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