Electrical Thermography

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Electrical Thermographic Surveys

Electrical thermography diagnoses imminent and anticipated problems in equipment using infrared thermal imaging scans. Hotspot Thermography’s surveys are non-invasive and carry no risk to appliances.

Overheating effects electrical components and hardware such as transformers, relays, insulators, capacitors, and fuse connections . When electrical failures occur, hardware needs to be taken out of action, which can be costly, time consuming and often fails to discover the nature of a problem.

An electrical thermographic survey can identify potential equipment failure whilst the equipment is still in operation. Faults can be detected months before the system fails, allowing time to plan and conduct maintenance.

Electrical components can fail due to circuit overload, insulation failure or defective components. These problems all cause a rise in a temperature that Hotspot Thermography’s cameras can easily detect.

Infrared thermography is essential for electrical hardware that is operating constantly and relied upon. Regular inspections guarantee optimum output, reducing the risk of costly, unexpected downtime.

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How does an electrical thermographic survey from Hotspot Thermography work?

When conducting an electrical thermography survey, we strive for the most accurate results possible.

Because of this, we ensure any protective plates or housing, where possible, are removed, revealing the exposed wiring and components.

This gives us the cleanest readings, providing our audit with reliable information.

Once scanned, a report is compiled that identifies any equipment failures or irregularities.

Following this, we will assist you in explaining and interpreting the report, offering expert advice and analysis.

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