Building Thermography

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Building Thermography Surveys

Building thermography detects insulation inefficiencies and construction issues using infrared thermal imaging technology. Hotspot Thermography surveys are advantageous and hassle-free because of the non-contact, non-invasive nature of thermography.

No matter the size or age of a building, our infrared thermal imaging scans can analyse temperatures and locate areas of concern. If there is cold air entering a building or hot air leaking out, our cameras will flag any immediate or potential issues. The main reasons for air leakages are usually due to ineffective or missing insulation materials, which result in energy wastage. After investigation, we’ll confirm the origins of problems, so that they can be solved.

With energy prices rising, it has become a necessity for businesses and households to lower their costs. Hotspot Thermography’s infrared cameras reveal areas that aren’t operating productively, so that maintenance can be undertaken. Keeping on top of deterioration helps to maximise a building’s efficiencies and minimise energy wastage.

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How does a thermographic building survey from Hotspot Thermography work?

Thermographic building surveys allow us to analyse large buildings quickly and efficiently.

We take readings from our thermal imaging cameras, which will highlight any temperature irregularities, and their exact location. We take both external and internal readings, looking at fittings and fixtures such as windows and doors, as well as ceilings, walls and foundations.

We then take this information and compile a full audit, providing you with actionable data.

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