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We Are Hotspot Thermography

We've been using our thermographic surveys to help businesses see the invisible for over 20 years.

Our thermal imaging surveys have been trusted by


companies around the world.

Located in Leighton Buzzard, we take on jobs in Milton Keynes, London and the surrounding areas. 



Highlight overheating or malfunctioning components.



Pinpoint issues before they fail, avoiding unnecessary danger and downtime.



Improve your equipment's efficacy and reliability.

Our Thermographic Surveys

Building Thermography

Thermal imaging survey to check energy efficiency of buildings, fixtures and their foundations. Allows you to discover sources of energy wastage, as well as any potential structural issues, such as cold spots and damp.

Electrical Thermography

Surveys and audits to check the safety, efficacy and reliability of electrical products and fittings. Electrical thermography is invaluable to the commercial and manufacturing sectors.

Plumbing Thermography

Thermographic plumbing surveys can highlight issues that may have otherwise been missed. They are perfect for spotting leaks in pipes, even if they're behind walls or other structures.

Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical thermography can help avoid costly downtime with mechanical systems. A simple check can highlight stressed or failing components. Mechanical thermal imaging is a key component to the maintenance of any manufacturing business. 

Medical Thermography

Medical thermal imaging is useful for seeing what doctors alone can't. Medical thermography allows us to see and analyse any abnormalities with the temperature of a patient, which is critical for the diagnosis and recovery processes of many ailments and illnesses.

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